First fully opensource enterprise appstore built with Swift

  • Fully managed by you

    Add users and teams on the go and customize the design according to your company or brand. No restrictions, no third parties involved.

  • Tuned distribution workflow for iOS and Android

    Speeds up app testing and distribution. Easy usage by developers, testers and users.

  • Tags, builds signing, search

    Create tags (or let your CI) for each build describing the content or functionality of the build for easy identification by your testers or customers and search across builds.

  • Easy installation

    It is super easy to run your own instance of Einstore locally or in your cloud. Heroku? Docker? Kubernetes? AWS? Not a problem.

  • Integration with CI and issue trackers

    Integrate bug tracking and just any CI that supports cURL or has own upload mechanism. Just send the app binary and let Einstore do the rest.

  • Single sign-on

    Security is essential. Control access to builds with your existing solution.

  • It’s free and opensource

    Is your corporation strict on acquiring new tools? Einstore is not just free, it has been opensourced to make the SW approval smooth as possible.